Farooque Shaikh: I have known Deepti for 35 years now!!

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The iconic and loveable ‘jodi’ of memorable films such as KATHA, SAATH SAATH and the classic CHASME BADDOOR is back. In fact in the era of the so-called parallel cinema they impressed the critics and the masses simultaneously.

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Obviously we are talking about Farooque Shaikh and Deepti Naval, two actors par excellence, who will be lighting up the screens once again via LISTEN AMAYA.

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When we caught up with the man himself, Farooque Shaikh, and asked him about his feelings at being paired up again with Deepti Naval, and also if the chemistry was still intact, and he answered in his own way, ”We have known each other for many many years; 35 years to be precise! She was one of the first friends in Bombay. Definitely, due to that there is a comfort level along with informality that come across.”

We have to agree with what the master actor Farooque Shaikh says as the promos of LISTEN AMAYA demonstrate it loud and clear, and we are sure that today’s generation too will say the same, and welcome the lovable ‘jodi with open arms, when the film hits the theaters in the coming February.

view LISTEN AMAYA stills
view LISTEN AMAYA stills

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