Farooque Shaikh: LISTEN… AMAYA not about adult sex

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Deepti Naval and Farooque Shaikh, who will be seen together on screen after 28 years for the first time, unveiled the promo of their upcoming film LISTEN… AMAYA along with the makers Geeta and Avinash Kumar Singh.

The film has already bagged the best feature film and the best director award at the New Jersey Independent South Asian Cinefest and has been selected for the 15th London Asian Film Festival to be held in March 2013.

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RJ Mallishka, who compered the event was full of fun and energy and filled the air with little anecdotes of the film.

Speaking to the producer of the film Ashok Sawhny, who is also writer Geeta's father & director Avinash Kumar Singh's father-in-law, Malliksha revealed that he is not only a first-time filmmaker but also a poet. ''I write poetry in Urdu and English,'' revealed Ashok Sawhny.

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The film speaks about the relationship between a mother and daughter and also the mother's relationship with another man. Director Avinash explains, ''The film is about the relationship between two adults

It's about being happy and the right to be happy. Farooque Shaikh adds, ''It is not about adult sex. It's a sensitively told story of a mother and daughter.''

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While Geeta said that the film has nine flavors of the Navras.

There are nine emotions and interpretations and definitions of those emotions. Director Avinash adds, ''When we started writing the script two and a half year ago the film was not a commercial film but when we completed it we decided it could become a full-fledged commercial film.

This is our debut venture and we are both nervous and excited at the reactions.''

Mallishka also quizzed Deepti Naval and Farooque Shaikh how much changes they have seen in each other over the past so many years. Farooque said, ''She is still the same and not changed a bit.

I am still in awe of her. She kept me on my toes all the time." Deepti intervened and joked, ''Farooque has definitely changed he's in a round form now."

Jokes apart Deepti adds, ''When we signed the film I didn't think that we hadn't worked together for so long but when the directors reminded us I said why not. The subject was meaningful and they were sincere in their approach.

The main reason why I jumped at the opportunity was that I was getting to work with Farooq."

Farooque says, ''What I was worried about on the sets was what I would get to eat for lunch as we were shooting in Delhi. The focus was later drawn to Swara Bhaskar on whom the film is titled. She plays Amaya in the film.

Swara says she is always on the lookout for roles that are challenging and she is a greedy actor."

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