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Fatima Shaikh talks about self-defense!

Dangal actor and rising star Fatima Sana Shaikh says self-defense is very important, the actor recently visited an initiative called MukkaMaar to encourage the young girls to continue their hard work and dedication towards Kung-Fu and themselves. The safety and security of women is a rising concern in the city and in such a situation learning self-defense is the best possible answer.

When talking about training, Fatima said, “When we were doing Dangal, it was very difficult for us, because within a few months you had to look like an international wrestler and I had fractured my rib during the training of Dangal, I didn't tell anyone because I feared they'll throw me out of the film, my bone broke during a practice session, so the conclusion is there is a fun in injury as well, even pain is a kind of joy, so keep practicing! Just keep practicing and give your best till you excel in whatever you are doing.”

A thriving self-defense initiative for women and young girls, started by actor Ishita Sharma, called MukkaMaar was launched in February 2016 and supported by India’s leading and most-trustworthy poker gaming platform, The Spartan Poker. Recently, the Mukka Maar girls participated in the 10th Mumbai city District level Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior Wushu Championship, where 14-year-olds Sheetal Jaiswal won a Gold under the Sub-Junior category, while Mehek Shaikh and Pooja Jhadav won Silver and Bronze respectively in August 2018. Showing her support, Dangal actor, Fatima Shaikh celebrated their success along with the occasion of Rakshabandhan. She presented the young girls their medals and shared a few moments of joy with them.

Talking about the initiative and the success they have seen so far, actor Fatima Shaikh said, “Thanks to all the parents, most of the parents don't send girl children for self-defense training but it's very necessary not just for personal reasons also because it boosts the child's self-confidence, it gives them a sense of pride and if one's family is supportive then the necessary motivation is maintained, if my parents aren't supportive towards things I do, I would not have been able to establish anything, so the family's support is the biggest thing, a big thank you to all the parents, and you guys should keep up the efforts, self-defense is really important from every perspective.”


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