FERRARI KI SAWAARI: Introspection into the murky world of cricket

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While FERRARI KI SAWAARI is an aspirational film about the yearn of an individual to own or ride a Ferrari, it also undertakes a critical look at the manner in which the cricket world functions in our country. When we pass Peddar Road on way to queen’s necklace the gleaming Ferrari perched strategically in the Sanghi show room, raises aspiration somewhere in our hearts to sneak a ride into it. In the same way when we pass through the Wankhede Stadium or Brabourne Stadium somewhere deep inside the heart an aspiration shapes up to try our hands on the wicket. FERRARI KI SAWAARI is an aspiration film which tries to suggest ways to meet such aspirations but in a rather humorous way.

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FERRARI KI SAWAARI is a narrative of three agendas that dominate our lives – cinema, cricket and politics. The character which wants FERRARI KI SAWAARI is associated with a political family and is so much intoxicated by the power of the family that at the drop of gun he brandishes revolver. Now that corruption amongst the leaders has become a cynosure for the common public, it has also been used as a metaphor in FERRARI KI SAWAARI. The leader’s son wants to ride a Ferrari on the eve of his marriage, but his father to display austerity, covers it up with flowers so that the world would not know, and to further camouflage the splurge of wealth to celebrate his son’s wedding he converts it into public marriage which provides trigger for humorous incidents in the film.

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FERRARI KI SAWAARI is also an attempt by the middle class to try to impose its norms of propriety, of honesty once again in the film. So we have the scene in the film where Sharman Joshi on his volition goes to traffic cop to pay fine for having jumped the light. Police man is amused, but Sharman Joshi has a nice counter argument that his son has seen him do it, and he would like his son to have an impression that his father is a law breaker. Can any of us in our real lives do this?
For Boman Irani it would be one of the power house performances. He plays the role of a cricketer who has been cheated by his own friend in his heydays when he was a successful star who had the potential to rise to international levels, but owing to selection process was cheated out. Among the best parts of the film is the scene where Sharman Joshi implores the grandfather Boman Irani to at least bowl out his grandson once. The touching moment of the film is when an attendant takes the autograph of Boman Irani when he again goes to the selection committee to get his grandson selected and finds that it is his cheater friend who heads the selection committee.

For Boman Irani FERRARI KI SAWAARI could be his one of the finest performances in the recent times, and it indeed would be a treat to watch it.

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