Film on India’s para cricketers wraps up first schedule

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Mumbai, Oct 24 (IANS) “Chal Jeet Le Ye Jahan”, which is a real-life account of India’s para cricketers, recently completed its first schedule of 15 days.

The schedule was shot at Kotdwar and nearby mountain areas, after the first clap was given by Cabinet Minister to the Government of Uttarakhand and prominent BJP politician, Harak Singh Rawat.

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The film is presented by Aushim Khetrapal, who also plays the lead role.

“We are amazed that these para cricketers, who won the recently-concluded world championship for the country, and are now acting in the film, have done such a marvelous job. I feel glad mentoring them. They are god-gifted people with special abilities and we have to respect them,” said Khetrapal.

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Produced by Aum Sportainment, Whistling Train Productions and Gaurav Jain, “Chal Jeet Le Ye Jahan” was announced a couple of months back.

The film’s director Vikas Kapoor said the film will try to paint an authentic picture of the para cricketers.

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“This film will showcase many things related to their real life, hardships, negligence and the inhuman behaviour by many of us towards the para cricketers, and their zeal to fight back in life,” said Kapoor, who is also credirted with the script, screenplay and dialogues of the film.

Rakesh Gupta of Whistling Train Production said: “We are really excited after seeing the first schedule of the film. All the actors and para cricketers has performed really well.”

The cast of the film features Aushim Khetarpal, Sarthak Kapoor and Aarti Khetarpal. The title track of the film is sung by Sukhvinder Singh and the music is composed by Amar Prabhakar Desai, while Shekhar Astitva has wriiten the lyrics. Rakesh Roshan Singh is credited with the camerawork.



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