The Nation wants to know who is Nesamani

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Trendings have been a big part of the internet. The "JCB Ki Khudayi" trendings were going on very high. Now adding to it is- Pray for Nesamani. This is the latest trending that is taking the internet by storm. So, who is Nesamani? Nesamani is one of the fictional characters played by a south actor Vadivelu.

A movie scene which shows Nesamani getting hit by a hammer and getting unconscious. Now, this scene is what created a huge tsunami and people have poured in to Pray for Nesamani. 

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Ironically, as per reports the actor, Vadivelu is all too happy to know that this meme is giving a bone- tickling laughter to the audience. 

Now citing an example of this movie, we find the Ahmedabad Police giving some safety tips. Their post read, "If Nesamani wore a safety helmet, it wouldn't have happened to him. Always wear your Safety Gears when required, be it Inside the House or On the Roads.
#Nesamani #PrayforNaesamani #SafetyFirst."

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So the moral of this trending story is Always wear safety helmets.

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