FIRST MAN to land in India on October 12

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Ryan Gosling-starrer FIRST MAN, on the struggle and sacrifices made by the first man to land on moon Neil Armstrong and his family, will release in India on October 12.

The Damien Chazelle directorial will be released here by Universal Pictures International India, read a statement.

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Gosling portrays Armstrong in the film, based on James R. Hansen's book. The actor is joined by noted actress Claire Foy, who plays Armstrong's wife Janet.

Chazelle said: "There are many other stories that tell about the moon landing, but I wanted to know what it felt like in all the years leading up to that first footstep on the moon as well as what it felt like to be that man who put the first footprint on the moon.

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"Only a handful of people in history have ever gone to the moon, and Neil Armstrong was first. Even more importantly, it's an emotional story of a guy who's trying to be a father and husband while undergoing this cosmic journey."

FIRST MAN premiered as the opening film at the prestigious 75th Venice Film Festival and received rave reviews from viewers and critics alike.

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