Foodie in Yash Chopra emerges with elan in JAB TAK HAI JAAN

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In all the interviews that the stars, of the likes of Big B, SRK and all others who worked with Yash Chopra, when they gave as their farewell message, a common theme that emerged was that Yash Chopra was a big foodie as well. It indeed is surprising that he did not dabble with this genre in his films, though romance and food are a heady combination and quite a lot of films in Hollywood have been made experimenting with this genre, but to a certain extent he has been able to do some justice to the food in JAB TAK HAI JAAN.

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Shahrukh Khan in his earlier avatar in the film when he serenades Katrina Kaif is employed in the food sector i.e. the hospitality industry starting from scratch in the local markets to graduating to being a waiter and then being a catalyst in setting the business of his friend in the food industry.

It is a very well established fact that Diaspora that migrates from India to London finds its moorings in one form or the other in the hospitality business and Yash Chopra has been able to highlight this nuance in a very subtle manner in JTHJ. Besides, he has also underlined the fact that while we as a country may have a skirmish with our neighboring country Pakistan while we are situated in our own country, in an alien land, the identities of nation diffuse and it is the quest to carve a living that becomes the dominating motif. Both these countries sharing interesting culinary expertise, the coming together indeed works wonders.

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As a matter of fact Yash Chopra has used the street furniture of food to build up the narrative of his films in an interesting manner, and it was probably for the first time that he used process of consumption of tea as the trigger to create a situation for action in the movie as he did in DEEWAR. The style of tea drinking that he gave to Big B in DEEWAR became his leitmotif in SARKAR as well and even Junior B had copied the same in SARKAR RAJ.

London indeed provides a perfect backdrop to create a love story that is centered around the genre of food, after all LUV SHUV TEY CHICKEN KHURANA has shown that a love story built around the quest of cuisine indeed has an element of novelty embedded in it, and it is high time that this genre is picked up as a theme. May be, who knows, it could be the theme that YRF may decide to pick up as the next film as a tribute to the legend Yash Chopra.

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