FORCE 2 action at Hollywood level?

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Seems like John Abraham has absolutely no compromise when it comes to action!

The actor, who is also a producer of his upcoming flick FORCE 2, has made it a point to get one of the best international fight expert Franz Spilhaus on board.

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That’s right. The makers of the film have orchestrated larger than life action and some best chase sequences which has been handled by the expert.

Franz, who has hired some of the best stunt men across the world (some of them being part of MAD MAX to create bike chases and elements of extreme action), is best known for creating some terrific action in Hollywood films like CHRONICLE, BLACK SAILS and COMMANDO.

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It would now be interesting to see how he trained John Abraham as Abraham as ACP Yashwardhan and Sonakshi Sinha as RAW agent KK for their action sequences in FORCE 2.

There definitely are expectation of it having the Hollywood standards, the glimpse of which was quite prominent in FORCE 2 trailer.

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