Fringe group seeking publicity through my film, says ‘Tony’ director


New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) “Rustom” writer Vipul K. Rawal, who got a legal notice for reportedly hurting religious sentiments of the Christian community through the poster of his film “Tony”, says certain vested interest groups are looking to gain publicity through his debut directorial.

“My trailer and poster have not hurt an entire community, but some fringe group consisting mainly of converts, who are just looking for some publicity,” Rawal told IANS.

Rawal was served a legal notice by Mumbai-based lawyer Harishchandra Someshwar, ahead of the release of his directorial debut “Tony”.


The lawyer claimed that the poster of the film has hurt the religious sentiments of the Christian community.

The poster depicts the Holy Cross with a chopped hand holding a gun chained and nailed to it.


The notice stated that the makers have used the image unethically and have hurt the emotions of Catholics.

Does he plan to make any changes on his poster?


“No, the question of changing the poster doesn’t even arise unless the courts order me to. Then also, I am prepared to fight till the Supreme Court to safeguard my rights as a creative person,” he said.

Rawal says “Tony” is purely fiction conceived by his imagination and creativity.

“In the script, four phsychology students want to conduct a phsycho analysis of someone with a dark secret. Now, how can anyone identify a person with a dark secret? To solve this dilemma, I conceived the plot where they plant a camera in the church’s confession box,” he said.

Talking about his debut directorial, Rawal said: “Experience behind the camera was great. As a writer, I have seen my vision rarely translating to the screen, however when I am the director, I have the opportunity to not only translate my script into celluloid, but also enhance it, which is what the job of the director is.”

“Tony” is a psychological thriller about college students who, in order to do a class project differently, plant a camera in a church’s confessional box and come across a serial killer confessing to the priest, which leads to their lives spiralling out of control.

The film is scheduled to release on November 29.







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