‘Salaam Namaste’ to ‘Mimi’, different shades of parenting

While every parent always dreams of becoming the perfect mom or dad to their newborn, at the end of the day parents are not born as perfect parents.

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Parenthood is definitely an enriching and memorable journey for any couple, especially when it’s their first baby. While every parent always dreams of becoming the perfect mom or dad to their newborn, at the end of the day parents are not born as perfect parents. They learn to be so as they strive hard to provide the perfect life for their babies.

It’s this journey that parents are more than happy to take up despite all challenges. Here are some light-hearted, yet absolutely lovable shows / movies you should definitely watch to try and understand the different paths one takes to parenthood.

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You are sure to have a hearty laugh when you recall the interesting reactions of these characters as they take the leap to be parents!

Versatile actress Kirti Sanon plays protagonist Mimi, in an all-new avatar who aspires to become a popular actress someday. In an effort to fastrack her success, Mimi decides to earn a hefty amount of money from a deal- to become a surrogate mother to a couple visiting India. The movie encapsulates her journey and the eventual hardships she faces as her life moves in a whole new direction than what was planned earlier.

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Firsts Season 6
Faced with an accidental pregnancy, actors Tara Alisha Berry and Karan Jotwani are now required to make important decisions about their future in Season 6 of Firsts. Each episode beautifully unfolds the ‘first’ moments that an expecting couple experiences while showcasing the growing bond between the couple through the journey. The show will definitely take you down a memory lane to your pregnancy days and all those happy moments. All the exciting one-minute episodes are aired on Dice Media channels for you to enjoy.

The Sky is Pink
This movie is a heart-warming love story of a married couple, nostalgically narrating the 25 years of their teenage daughter’s life, who has now passed away. The film unveils the journey of this couple starring actors Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar in an unexpected magical tale of two parents who bear a girl with a rare genetic condition that takes away her life. The parents work towards providing their daughter with all the different experiences possible as they also try to fulfill her wishes and dreams, all before the clock stops ticking.

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Good Newwz
This hilarious tale will definitely make you ROFL each time you recall the film. Actors Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani, and Diljeet Dosanjh are two married couples who face difficulty in conceiving and the story unfolds with series of twists after they seek advice from doctors. As the story progresses, the couples ends up in a complicated situation after there is a big blunder on the doctor’s end.

Salaam Namaste
The sweet tangled love story starring the renowned duo, actors Saif Ali Khan and Preeti Zinta melt our hearts as they embrace the idea of becoming parents to their unplanned baby. While Saif plays the role of the father who is completely against keeping the baby initially, Preeti plays the mother who takes the decision to raise the child on her own regardless of her partner’s decision. As the story moves forward, we see the pair eventually learning to respect each other as they excitedly work towards becoming parents to their child.

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