Vladimir Furdik: Final season of GoT will come with lots of surprises

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The final chapter of "Game of Thrones" will not only come with an epic storyline, but will be packed with lots of surprises, says Vladimir Furdik, who plays the villainous Night King in the globally popular fantasy series.

"I can tell you that season eight will be unbelievable, very good. There are some super nice big battle scenes," Furdik told IANS here.

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"And a lot of surprises. That is all what I can say," he added.

"Game of Thrones" brought actors like Emilia Clarke, Sophie Turner, Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Iwan Rheon and Iain Glen into the spiral of fame and made them global stars.

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The show, which brings the story from George R.R. Martin's novels about the quest to claim the Iron Throne alive, is known for the twists and turns, ruthless killing scenes, unexpected deaths all wrapped up with emotion and drama.

While there is a whimsical element with the presence of dragons and White Walkers, the narratives stays close to reality by showing how relationships cannot be trusted when it comes to ruling a kingdom. With no dialogues, a deadly stare and super powers, Night King is the leader of the White Walkers.

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The anticipation is high as Season 8 — which sums up the story of "Game of Thrones", which started with the first season back in 2011 — will arrive in April next year.

There are many fan theories about how the story will end and fans are always on a lookout for spoilers. This puts Furdik, who is in the national capital for the 8th edition of Maruti Suzuki Arena Delhi Comic Con, in a strange situation.

"It is a very strange situation when people ask you and you can say nothing. You would like to say. But I can't."

Talking about how his life changed with the series, he said: "Life changed a lot because before, I was kind of a shadow behind the actors as a stuntman. Nobody knew me. And now here I am. My life completely turned around."

As the series nears its end, HBO announced the expansion of the universe with five different spin-offs.

So what about a Night King spin-off? He doesn't dismiss the idea.

"I don't have any information about it. I just know somebody told me that they were doing (some) preparation. Maybe they start next year in February. Nobody knows exactly the story. It is set 1000 years before the main story. Let's see."

"Only one person was alive then and that was the Night King. But nobody gave me any information. One of my friends who is a stunt choreographer called me and said that 'We will have a job in January'. He didn't say about this job and just said 'be ready and we will call in January'," he said.

By Sugandha Rawal

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