Garba Queen – Daya Ben to return Gokuldham

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Sundar Lal’s promise to bring Dayaban with him from Ahmedabad has cheered up everyone in Gokuldham Society. Mahila mandal’s phone call to Sundar Lal has paid off and he has promised not only them but also Jethaa Lal that he will bring his sister along from Ahmedabad to Gokuldham to celebrate Navratri and play Garba with everyone.

Jethaa Lal who was gloomy earlier in the day transforms from Devdaas to Jhakaas with the news. Excitedly, he calls out to everyone in the Society to share the news and as expected everyone is rejoiced to hear about Daya’s return to Gokuldham to play Garba with them. 

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Now everything seems to be falling in place and everybody is thrilled to see Daya after so long! This Navratri is going to be very special for Gokuldham’s residents and viewers are assured to have a great time watching the upcoming episodes. It will be full of fun and laughter and the possibility of seeing Daya back is only going to add to the excitement. 

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