GO GOA GONE and Saif Ali Khan’s fascination with western demeanor

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From the time when he made his debut in AASHIQ AWARA to his latest release on offer, GO GOA GONE there has been a constant trait that Saif Ali Khan has tried to cultivate in his cinematic persona, it is characterized by his conscious or subconscious attempt to project himself as a person who presents a western demeanor.

One could argue that there was an aberration in his enactment of a role manifest in OMKARA and now BULLET RAJA, but apart from these aberrations his portrayal has tilted to project an image that is shot more and more through western nuances, is characterized by portrayals that have an element of upmarket urbanity seeped into it, and he complements it with a dry sense of western humour as well, COCKTAIL being the latest example.

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As a matter of fact the looks that he is now portraying in GO GOA GONE, of a Russian warlord working out of Goa, is a portrayal which he had experimented in a subtle manner for a limited time frame in TASHAN .

The attempt to portray such kind of characters could be owing to the background in which Saif Ali Khan grew up.

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He studied in England and grew up in the upmarket Hauz Khas area of Delhi, so when he ventured into the world of cinema, the characters that were written for him, could have been done with the conscious understanding that it would induce a comfort factor in portraying the roles that he enacted, and being on a known ground he would be able to give convincing performances.

He indeed was able to do it and the sophisticated and suave image that he portrayed started blossoming through KAL HO NAA HO , LOVE AAJ KAL, DIL CHAHTA HAI , RACE , SALAAM NAMASTE, HUM TUM, AGENT VINOD, et al. As a matter of fact Saif Ali Khan was able to carve a niche as a performer through BEING CYRUS, which again was a film that had an up market urban setting, and Saif Ali Khan had to just slip into the skin of the character.

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One could say that the kind of roles that Saif Ali Khan has enacted majorly, have in a way been addressed to the youth of the diaspora as well, who are able to identify with the characters on account of the western twang in the speech, as also by the attempts through his performances to strike a balance between Indianness and western look.

This is what diaspora aspires for and Saif Ali Khan by portraying the roles of Indians living in different parts of the world as he did for KAL HO NA HO and RACE-1, RACE-2 ,AGENT VINOD and COCKTAIL in the recent times has cultivated a fan following across the globe and it also rakes in moolah for his film at the box office as well. GO GOA GONE is going to accentuate his position for sure.

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