GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORNING: Perfect Valentine gift for all those hopeless romantics

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Whenever we talk of romance, we always hark back to the black and white era and go mushy and romantic living those moments on the screen and trying to fit ourselves into those scenarios. Though color has pervaded all forms of our existence when one has to talk of romance the expression, the feelings, the urge, yearn, is best expressed in black and white format.

Fortunately enough, for this year of Valentine’s Day going to fall tomorrow, GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORNING, directed by Sudhish Kamath is indeed a film that should be enjoyed for the occasion.

It has been shot in black and white and that adds to its romance, and it also utilizes the tell tale signs of romance of earlier times, the humble and ubiquitous landline telephone to build up the ambience of romance between two stranger, the whole romance brewing up between a night and a morning, and therefore the title GOOD NIGHTGOOD MORNING.

It indeed harks back to the magic of IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT as the whole film is built up over a night. The story is about how the lead male protagonist Turiya played by Manu Narayan, after being spurned by the lady of the film Seema Rahmani playing the character of Moriya, musters the courage after gulping few drinks musters the courage to pick up the phone and serenades the lady eventually over the phone in the hotel.

As the relationship builds up, two strangers over a telephone share all their tribulations, triumphs, love life, sex, failures, successes etc., and this no-hold barred conversation with each passing moment of the night feeding on insecurities of both of them magnetizes them towards each other. GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORNING is one of those films where the notions of gender that are the premises with which a male and a female start conversation with each other, using it as a veneer, gets knocked down in graded manner with each passing moment of the night.

The redeeming feature of GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORNING is that it has two unknown faces, so the characters emerge boldly in the film as it gains momentum, and the catalyst for building up the film are the dialogues. After all, GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORNING is basically a film where the dialogues set the pace as also define the contours of action, emotion, melodrama and climax of the film. PVR Films also need to be complemented for taking initiative to release this film.

GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORNING has already made waves at the South Asian Film Festival and Mumbai Film Festival, and buoyed by the reception the director, Sudhish Kamath has thrown an open challenge to the viewers that he would treat them to coffee, if they do not like the film. The offer still stands. May be, that is how the films ought to be made, where the director should have so much confidence and conviction about his product that he could challenge the audience to disapprove the film and be rewarded for it. Let the ilk of Sudhish Kamath expand and the Valentine Day emerge as the catalyst in a really big way. It is because GOOD NIGHT GOOD MORING underlines the latent urge and desire in our psyche, the desire to be loved, the desire to have happiness, and the sepia toned monochromatic presentation indeed increases the urge and inculcates the spirit of positivity that indeed it would be achieved.

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