Gourov-Roshin: Sufi depicts romance in the purest and most soulful way

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Mumbai, March 3 (IANS) Sufi depicts romance in the purest form and in the most soulful way, feel music composers Gourov-Roshin. The duo has now collaborated with singer Danish Sabri to create a lilting Sufi romantic track, “Naina churaye”.

“Sufi is a magical expression of love that depicts romance in the purest and most soulful way. With ‘Naina churaye’, we knew we wanted to bring out the old-school charm of a love song, and Sufi was the correct choice,” said Gourov and Roshin.

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Singer Danish Sabri, who has also written the romantic number, added: ” ‘Naina churaye’ has been a special experience for me because I love the emotional connect associated with a love song. The romantic number is a soulful Sufi song, which is beautifully presented by Gourov-Roshin.”

The track has been released by Sony Music India.

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