Great to see people wanting to be healthy: Sanjeev Kapoor

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New Delhi, Sep 23 (IANS) Popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor is happy to see more and more people, especially the younger generation, wanting to be healthy.

“It is great to see more and more people, especially younger generation, wanting to be healthy. There are minor lifestyle changes – some lost treasures from our Indian culture, most scientific, that can enable everyone to be so much closer to their health and fitness goals,” said Kapoor.

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Among the various projects he is currently tied up with is one of Zomato’s original shows.

“Who would have ever thought that one day you would find Sanjeev Kapoor in the palm of your hands? Through the years, technology has made the world smaller, and with ‘Food & You’ on Zomato, I saw an opportunity to contribute to general well-being of people of today. Everyone is in a rush; ‘Food & You’ is an attempt to make us healthy and happy through power of food,” he shared.

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“The concept (of the show) is to extend an insurance with the least premium – 2 minutes of a user’s time and highest value – lifelong wealth of knowledge. While there are a lot of cookery and health shows, I had been meaning to do a myth-busting show like this for a long time.”

“I was excited when the Zomato team wanted me to work on health, rather than a regular show and was excited by the vertical concept. That inspired us to shape a two-minute native mobile concept in the form of ‘Food & You’.”

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On the biggest myth around food, Kapoor said: “There are so many – even around something as simple as water. Unlike popular belief, what if I told you ‘paani peena nahi, khaana chahiye’. Most people, gulp water down like their life depends on it. Our life does depend on water, but it can only do the magic everyone talks about – be it on your skin, digestive system, and even weight – when consumed the right way, by the right amount and at the right time.”



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