Gully Boys ‘Apna Time Aayega’ as theme song for AVENGERS ENDGAME

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AVENGERS : ENDGAME refuses to leave your mind. ‘Time’ and again it haunts and keeps haunting back. We made our speculations in the countdown series, came out with theories, news, reviews and much more just to keep our valuable readers loyal to the MCU informed and enlightened.

We came up with our explanation of the real meaning behind the Marvel Anthem created by Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman. But after watching the movie and revisiting again in finding the real hero and the super power of Thanos, it seems that Ranveer Singh’s ‘Apna Time Aayega’ is best suited as the theme song for AVENGERS : ENDGAME and it’s just not because it involves a ‘time’ travel there’s a lot more and it suits the superheroes and Thanos as well!!.

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This is how ‘Apna Time Aayega’ best suited as AVENGERS: ENDGAME theme song that can be sung by the super heroes and Thanos from time-to-time with some required changes in order and words. Here it goes…

Jitna tune boya hai, Tu utna hi toh khaayega, Aisa mera khwaab hai, Jo dar ko bhi sataayega, Zinda mera khwab, Ab kaise tu dafnayega
This is sung by Thanos… yes when the remaining AVENGERS Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Rocket, Thor, Natasha Romanoff and James Rhodes find Thanos leading a retired peaceful life on an unguarded planet. Their plans to regain the Infinity Stones gets a terrific beating as Thanos reveals that he has already destroyed them to prevent further use (rather misuse). He sings the above line as his purpose is solved and he has made the balance. He is living his dreams now what can AVENGERS do? Thor loses his cool and beheads Thanos.

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Apna Time Aayega, Kaun bola mujhse naa ho payega, Apna Time Aayega!
The remaining AVENGERS have returned empty handed, figuring their way out to reach Thanos, ‘time’ has passed. They are doubtful about their ability as Thanos has destroyed the stones, the entry of AntMan and his miraculous bounce back to earth that offers a glimmer of hope, begins with the above line. Goes perfectly with slight change of Mujhse to Humse

Uth ja apni raakh se, Tu udd ja ab talaash mein, Aayega, apna time aayega, mere jaisa shaana lala, tujhe na mil paayega
Picture this – Scott Lang explains his escape from the quantum realm to Romanoff and Rogers, theorizing that the quantum realm could allow time travel. Scott, Rogers, Romanoff ask Stark to help them retrieve the stones from the past to reverse Thanos' actions in the present, but Stark refuses to help out of fear of losing his daughter, Morgan. After talking with his wife, Pepper Potts, Stark relents and the above line gets played. A slight change, from mere jaisa to tere jaisa and tuhje na mil payega to humko na mil payega fits perfectly.

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Ab hausle se jeene de, Ab khauf nahi hai seene mein, Har raaste ko cheerenge, Hum kaamyabi cheenenge, Matlab bana ab jeene mein, Kyun?, Kyunki apna time aayega, Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai, Kya ghanta lekar jaayega,
When the AVENGERS successfully enter in the required time zone to change history, they are motivated and sing in chorus, as the final battle is about to begin. With slight change, from tu nanga hi toh to Thanos tu nanga hi toh aaya tha, kya ghanta le kar jayega…

Kisi ka haath nahi tha sar par, Yahan par aaya khudki mehnat se main, Jitni taakat kismat mein nahi, Utni rehmat mein hai, Adaalat yeh hai chaahat ki, Mohabbat ki, jeetne ki ab aadat ki, shohrat ki, ab laalach nahi hai, Tere bhai jaisa koi hard’ich nahi hai, iss harkat ne barkat di hai, Kyun?, Kyunki apna time aayega, Tu nanga hi toh aaya hai, Kya ghanta lekar jaayega

Thanos replies with this line with required changes from Tere bhai jaisa to mere jaisa bhai koi hard’ich nahi hai, meri harkat ne barkat di hai, aaya hai tu meri kadmo mein phir se, Avengers mere dost, sirf Thanos nahi pura universe nanga aaya tu kya ghanta le ke jayega… mein agar haar bhi gaya toh aakha universe mera gaana gayega… tera time aayega par aakha universe mera naaam ka baaja bajaeyga (you may be the superheroes but I have won, you couldn’t leave with your failure, came to me again, we all came empty handed and will go empty handed, today even if you win and change history, the universe will sing praises for me, cause I snatched the stones from you, balanced the universe and destroyed the power… you will only regain it from me with your might cause even after showing better humanity I still choose to remain on the either side).

Is there any song that can match the story of AVENGERS : ENDGAME better than this one, please share it with us – time sabka aat hai, apna bhi aayega,.. kidar jayega.

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