Gulshan Grover: Pran saab was a true gentleman

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Gulshan Grover, who is himself known as the bad man is deeply grieved about Pran’s death. He was seen with Pran in several films like CHANDRA MUKHI, VAAPSI SAAJAN KI, MITI AUR SONA and SONI MAHIWAL.

Says Gulshan Grover, ”Pran saab brought stardom, dignity and respect to bad man. He was at times not only the highest paid actor, but also the main draw pulling the audiences. In real live his behaviour was complexly opposite his reel life negative characters.”


Sharing his experience with Pran, Gulshan said, ”Working with Pran saabwas like working with someone you look up to as a teacher. He used to give me validation and encouragement. He used to tell me that I was bringing something new to the character.”

He further added, ”My equation with him was like father and son. He was very vocal about my work which came not just as an encouragement but as a blessing. He used to speak very highly of me on the sets even when I was not there.

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Recalls the actor, ”I also played many parts which he had done when he was younger. I was unsure as to how he would react. He was very encouraging for a raw newcomer like me. I could’ve been completely discouraged by his superior or arrogant behavior if he had chosen to behave in a certain way. He was a true gentleman who perhaps even saw rough edges in my performances but chose to say only encouraging words.”

Veteran actor Pran passed away yesterday in Mumbai after a prolonged illness. He was 93.

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