Happy 75th Mr. Bachchan: Filmmakers with a difference on megastar’s future avatar’s that can make the difference

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The icon for the icons – Amitabh Bachchan turns 75 today. From ZANJEER to AGNEEPATH, from BLACK to PAA and from PINK to THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, the never ending phenomenon remains not out. The star of the millennium has ‘don’ various avatars and is the undisputed Shahenshah of our cinema. On the occasion of Mr. Bachchan’s 75th birthday, we spoke to some filmmakers who have proven their mettle and made the difference, on which avatar would they like to see Big B in future and the result is astonishing!! Read on.

Shakun Batra the director of the finely crafted award winning family drama KAPOOR AND SONS that was hailed for showing the tenderness in the hidden tempers says, “It’s a tough one because he has already made so many characters iconic. I think one of the few things left would be a sci-fi. So I guess, I’d love to see him in a sci-fi or a surreal film playing a role that’s not human.”

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R S Prasanna the director of the bold quirky, snappy and saucy SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN which touched the sensitive subject of erectile dysfunction says, “When I watched the brilliant Tom Hanks in the masterpiece SULLY, I could not help thinking how Bachchan Saab may have played the same role. So yes.  A courtroom drama where, this time Big B is in the accused dock when he is indeed a hero who has saved many lives. Such layers of conflicted emotions would be worthy of the legend, I feel.” Prasanna concluded by saying, “Even if only as a fantasy, thinking of the thespian in that role is an honour.”

Onir who triggered a debate with MY BROTHER NIKHIL – first mainstream Hindi films to deal with AIDS and same-sex relationships and who won the national award for I AM says, “Would love to see Mr. Bachchan in the role of a grandfather who had forsaken ties with his only daughter after she married against his wish. Years later he has to take care of his granddaughter who has lost parents in an accident.”

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Anant Mahadevan whose Marathi film MEE SINDHUTAI SAPKAL fetched the special jury award at the National Film awards and Hindi film GOUR HARI DASTAAN got him critical acclaim worldwide says, “ Mr Bachchan has donned so many avatars that there is hardly any character he has left untouched. Would love to see him in a role a la A BEAUTIFUL MIND or a scientist who discovers something that could make him a Nobel Prize prospect.” The writer director whose another Marathi movie DOCTOR RAKHMABAI based on Mohini Varde’s bestseller DR RAKHMABAI.. THE ODYSSEY has also garnered praises in festivals although expresses his concern by saying, “We do not make films of such high cerebral content here!”

Anyways, if Mr. Bachchan agrees then nothing is impossible we believe.

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This is the undefeated, undiminished impact of Mr. Bachchan on the audience and filmmakers that pan from mainstream to parallel to sensible. Mr. Bachchan’s illustrated 48 year old career in Bollywood that got an image of an ‘angry young man’ in Prakash Mehra’s ZANJEER turned into an all-out entertainer in Manmohan Desai’s AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY among other films during the 70’s, the next generation saw Mr. Bachchan as the unforgettable Vijay Chauhan in Mukul Anand’s AGNEEPATH, in the next decade Mr. Bachchan got himself refined as the impeccable actor in Bhansali’s BLACK and Balki’s PAA. His old friend Rajiniknath – legend in his own right after watching PAA said, “Now what is left for us to do.”

The above quotes from new age filmmakers who have made a difference truly indicate the level of expectations we have from the legend who is reportedly not having a much fanfare about him turning 75..

Ideally, the icon for the icons Amitabh Bachchan may not celebrate his 75th birthday with aplomb and instead thank his destiny for giving him one more year to breathe on his social media handle emphasizing on hard work as the tool that can make you breathe. Indian cinema’s never ending phenomenon Amitabh (which means the light that will never go off) will continue to empower, inspire generations after generations to excel, never give up and keep the show going.

We wish the star of the millennium – Amitabh Bachchan a very Happy 75th Birthday.

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