Has Akshay Kumar stolen Rajinikanth’s thunder in 2.0?

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Being a Rajinikanth venture, it is quite expected that the ‘Thalaiva’ will gain lot of traction. Of course the first look launch event of 2.0 (the sequel of ROBOT) was larger than life and beyond imagination.

But the minute first look got unveiled everyone went berserk. 2.0’s first look garnered lot of appreciation, while Rajini’s look was lauded by his die-hard fans, it was Akshay Kumar’s wicked and petrifying look that thrilled and chilled everyone.

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Akki’s dramatic, mean look as antagonist in the sci-fi thriller became a talking point. Akshay reportedly plays a mad scientist Dr. Richard, who is left hideously disfigured after an experiment goes wrong.

And the result is so bad that he transforms into a crow-like entity with feathered eyebrows and talon-like nails. His eyes glow orange and tigerish stripes his forehead.

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While social media went gaga over him, even ‘Thalaiva’ Rajini couldn’t stop raving about Akki’s role. In fact he went on to say that Akshay is the hero of the film and given a choice, he would have loved to do that role. The entire country will applaud him when they see his work  

Now with words coming from the megastar itself, certainly Akshay is hogging the limelight for his dreadful avatar and role in the film. We wonder if he has stolen (or he will steal) Thalaiva Rajinikanth’s thunder with 2.0.

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Right from the announcement stage to the film being made, Akshay’s role & look has been written and talked about a lot.

Well now the excitement around 2.0 has grown by leaps and bounds and we all await for the film to hit the screens.

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