Has the film fraternity gone bonkers?

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One would not know whether the 10 films that are simultaneously releasing on 26 July would be able to strike a chord with the audience at the box office, but indeed, they would enter into the haloed portals of perhaps a dubious claim of belonging to such a list. It perhaps would be happening for the first time that 10 films would be vying for the eyeballs of the audience simultaneously. The films which are going to be released on 26th July include BAJATEY RAHO, NASHA, ISSAQ, I LOVE NY, BUDDHA, EK BURA AADMI, LUV U SONIYO, OOPS A DESI and PLANES and PRAGUE.


For the uninitiated and for those who follow the business of Hindi cinema, July 26, after the deluge in 2005 that Mumbai experienced is considered an inauspicious day to release a film. One wonders, whether the producers and directors associated with these 10 films are trying to dispel this notion by releasing 10 films on a single day.

One still is not able to understand the cause of provocation by these filmmakers to release 10 films in a single day! As it is the small and medium category of filmmakers find it a difficult proposition to get auditoriums for themselves when big films are released, so why this Harakiri?

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If one were to understand it in terms of the economics of film making and the genre of release of films, the provocation to do it could have been guided by the fact that August would be a battle royal at the box office what with CHENNAI EXPRESS releasing in the first week, followed by ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI DOBAARA and then SATYAGRAHA therefore for these 10 filmmakers it would be difficult to find footfalls in the presence of CHENNAI EXPRESS and OUATIM-DOBARA.

After a film has been completed, the time lag of hitting the screens further adds to the input cost, so these filmmakers would be releasing it simultaneously to cover up their investment costs. Once the films have been released they could offer their films to satellite television channels for television viewing as it in itself has become a good vertical.

But the moot point is, when these producers and directors have spent so much time and energy in making these films, it indeed could turn out to be an unwise decision to go for simultaneous release as each of them would eat into other’s territory. For the audience, though, they would be happy as they would be spoilt for choice on 26 July. One only hopes that the audience is not taken for a ride.

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