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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Ranveer Singh to display his fiery rapping skills in GULLY BOY

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There’s nothing that Ranveer Singh can’t do onscreen. Having proven his unquestionable versatility with power-packed performances, Ranveer will now display his fiery rapping skills in GULLY BOY. We have learnt that Ranveer has sung 4 songs for the GULLY BOY album and that he has trained with street rappers for months before he recorded his songs! Asli Hip Hop and Apna Time Aayega are already a rage with audiences and the next two songs are sure to blow them away too!

“Ranveer plays the role of an extremely talented rapper from the streets of Mumbai who voices the emotions, dreams, ambitions, anger, passion of the masses living in Mumbai. His character is a metaphor for the hopes, aspirations and realities of everyday life of a regular Mumbaikar. Ranveer was certain that audiences will connect to the soul of the film more if they hear him sing as it will add more authenticity to the film and his character. He discussed it with Zoya and convinced her with his rapping skills. Zoya has seen Ranveer rapping in social circles and she was aware that he can rap but looking at his passion for the role and how hard he trained at rapping, she agreed to also present Ranveer as the singer in GULLY BOY,” says a source close to the development.

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“For Ranveer, GULLY BOY is an extremely emotional film. Firstly, it’s Zoya’s film and he wants to do his best for the film and his friend who is the director. Secondly, he is so deeply, emotionally connected with the film’s message and he wanted to do justice to the voice of the streets. He prepped really hard for the film, worked for months on his singing and rapping skills by sitting and exchanging notes with the rappers of Mumbai. Both Divine and Naezy were of huge help in his process of becoming a rapper and also understanding the lives, journey and minds of these talented musicians. Ranveer has delivered massively as a singer in GULLY BOY and Zoya, as well as the rappers of Mumbai, are thrilled about this huge feat,” the source adds. 

With GULLY BOY, Ranveer will once again set a new trend by being the first ever Bollywood star to rap for Indian cinema! One of the most versatile actors of this generation, Ranveer is definitely proving that he can risk it all for the love of cinema.

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