Here’s why DRISHYAM is a winner for Ajay Devgn

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The trailer of Ajay Devgn and Tabu starrer DRISHYAM has just been unleashed and here is one word to describe the entire feel of the film – GRIPPING! The well cut first trailer has already impressed us and it seems DRISHYAM will be a profitable venture for all. Well, there are reasons enough that prove Ajay Devgn truly has a winner in hands with DRISHYAM. Take a look:

Ajay Devgn as ‘common man’: After displaying his snazzy and stylish side in last few flicks, Ajay steps slips into the character of ‘common man’. He plays an ‘aam siddha saadha aadmi’, a 4th grade dropout cable operator, who leads a happy life with his family until struck by some unforeseen events. It’s a refreshing change to see Ajay as common man on-screen and the audience would well connect with him.

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Ajay Devgn and Tabu collaborate after 16 years however not as romantic lead: After 16 years, Tabu and Ajay Devgn come together as two protagonists but not as lovers. Back then in 90s the duo formed a romantic pair in the films like VIJAYPATH, TAKSHAK and HAQEEAQT. So it would be interesting to see the two pitted against each other on-screen (for the first time).

Nishikant Kamat film: Filmmaker Nishikant Kamat’s movies are simple, social yet striking. After giving hit films like DOMBIVALI FAST (National Award winner), MUMBAI MERI JAAN & LAI BHARI, we are sure DRISHYAM too will allure the patrons!

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Mysterious Plot: Ajay Devgn’s character gets embroiled in a murder mystery, wherein it becomes difficult to fathom whether he is guilty or innocent. Such intriguing plots have always fascinated the viewers, so will DRISHYAM.

Ajay Devgn yet again in a psychological thriller: We loved him playing the double-faced character in DEEWANGEE years ago, which was also a psychological thriller. Now with DRISHYAM Ajay will yet again blow us away!

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