Here’s why Pritam walked out of Dinesh Vijan’s RAABTA

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Various composers contributing in a single film’s album is the current trend in Bollywood. However music composer Pritam doesn’t believe in any such trends and hence he decided to walk off this project.

Pritam took to a micro blogging site to announce his decision. The composer wrote, “I had decided a while back to only do solo composer albums and not have an outside song in my album.

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In Raabta, producers want to recreate an existing song from the music label as part of promotions so I have decided to not continue with the film and requested the producers to take out my name from the film credits and promotions and the album will be completed by my company Jam 8.”

Check out his post below:

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Talking about Pritam’s decision, Producer Bhushan Kumar was quoted saying in as, “Pritam has announced this after discussing with me and Dinesh Vijan, so it has not come to us as a surprise. He has not walked out really there is a difference between walking out, leaving the album, and not continuing to work together.

It is an amicable decision between Pritam and us. Pritam as a composer does not want any other or old song to be recreated, it is his policy. These days as you know, old songs are recreated and its working big time and we wanted to do something like that. So Pritam wasn’t ready to do that, and he told us that it wouldn’t be good at his part to do this. So it was then decided that his company Jam 8 will work on the album, and as a policy his name will not be associated with an album that has a recreated song.”

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Kumar further added, “There is nothing negative between him and us, he is not walking out of the project, Jam 8 is headed by him. Now this is his policy, and we as producers, me and Dinesh, appreciate his decision and his stand.

I know Pritam for eighteen years now, we have worked together a lot and we are working on a lot of projects in the future also, and with this everyone should keep all the negativity away.”

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