HEROINE: Will it be Kareena Kapoor’s swan song?

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Is it a sense of insecurity or is it a belief in the self that has sort of triggered an urge in Kareena Kapoor to issue a series of statements which have an element of controversy intertwined in them building up to a crescendo coinciding with the release of Madhur Bhandarkar film HEROINE? She had fired the first salvo when she had taken shots at Katrina Kaif on the eve of release of BODYGUARD with the comments that she does not need the help of her boyfriend to make the mark in her career.

view HEROINE poster
view HEROINE poster

Well, it has been followed with a score of such statements. Consider them: ”I am a superstar. I am immune to competition”, this was issued on 06 September in Mumbai. Then ‘Anyone can have a flat stomach and long lashes but that does not make you hot’- for sure taking shots at other actresses.

As a matter of fact from the time when she was signed by Madhur Bhandarkar to enact the role of HEROINE that originally was supposed to be done by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she had commented- it is very unfair to compare me to Aishwarya, we’re from different generations. But is this a fact? Well, Kareena Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan made their debut together and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan also came into the world of Hindi cinema around the same time, so how has there been a generational shift one would like to know!

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One thing that is easy to surmise from the statements that are being issued from time to time is the fact that the onus for promoting HEROINE has entirely shifted on her shoulders. The moot point is before HEROINE Madhur Bhandarkar had not gone on such an elaborate promotion to sell a film, so is there indeed a need to push the film so aggressively.

Well, it seems that the whole exercise has to be looked into perspective. This could be the last film in all probability for Kareena Kapoor before she gets married to Saif Ali Khan, so she would like to take the bow with a success behind her back, telling the world that indeed she in her own has a fan following at the box office, independent of big stars with whom she has been associated with some of the biggest hit films of the recent times like 3 IDIOTS, BODYGUARD etc.

Her last outing at the box office in the form of AGENT VINOD has not been a success, while her competitor and her arch rival Katrina Kaif’s EK THA TIGER and before that ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA did stupendous business. Besides, her Chikni Chameli still rules the roost, and according to a recent survey conducted by leading daily two days ago Katrina is hotter than Kareena Kapoor. Indeed, therefore for Kareena Kapoor the stakes are quite high with HEROINE.

It indeed would be put to test whether her promotional comments associated with HEROINE, that she was destined to be an actor when she was still inside the womb of her mother be able to turn the tide in her favor. It is just a matter of a week or so.

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