Himanshu Malhotra: We need to be mentally strong at the moment


Mumbai, March 29 (IANS) As the nation struggles to keep indoors, actor Himanshu Malhotra says that its important to be mentally strong to be able to stay happy during this quarantine period.

“I think, mentally, you have to be slightly tough because I think it is very difficult for mankind to not to step out. We are so used to stepping out for work, for meetings, for screen tests, for everything in general. As soon as we are told that we cannot do anything, we feel bound, we feel restless but slowly and steadily our body and mind will adopt it,” Himanshu said.

“This is the best thing about our body and mind, but we need to give it time. Until that, the time has come to just be calm, maintain your balance amidst the emergency, chaos and things that are happening outside,” he added.


The actor is trying to align himself with the situation as well.

“I am following the ‘stillness’ if people can understand this. I am trying to talk slightly less and take a moment as it comes. I am also trying not to think too much about the future like what is going to happen after 21 days or a month later etc. I am absolutely clueless about it,” he said.

“But I am trying to welcome the future with whatever happens with patience and courage, which is also written in the Bhagwat Gita. I try to follow it sincerely because this helps to forget fear. We should not lose our present thinking about the future. Let’s encourage and welcome the future with patience and courage that God has given us the powers and instinct to follow,” he added.


The “Nach Baliye 7” winner feels that every problem will find its solution on its own.

“Time is a very great healer and I have experienced that and I am sure many of us would feel the same. So do not panic, don’t feel restless and give some time to everything, it will heal itself,” he said.

Reading can be a good way to keep yourself busy and motivated, said Himanshu.


“I am reading a book called ‘Sapiens’. It’s a beautiful book by the writer Yuval Noah. It is a wonderful book which talks about the emergence of humankind and it also talks about how everything is fiction, whether it is money, religion, culture or region,” he said.

In fact, he feels that his initiative Share And Grow will help people to self-reflect and grow.

“This is definitely a testing time. On the behalf of Share And Grow, what I feel is this is the time people can use for self-reflection, self-understanding and analyse that we have been mindlessly running behind something, in order to achieve something, which may not be so fulfilling in the end,” he said.

“I have always said that running is important in life but at times to stay back and stop is also very important,” he added.





Himanshu Malhotra: We need to be mentally strong at the moment 1

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