Himesh Reshammiya on uniting DJs for ‘Mausiiquii’

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Himesh Reshammiya needs no introduction. From being an amazing composer, singer, actor, director he is an all-rounder.

After stupendous success of his last album ‘Aap Kaa Surroor’ he is back with his next one ‘Aap Se Mausiiquii’. But this time around Himesh has incorporated four prominent DJs (DJ Aqueel, DJ Chetas, DJ Akbar Sami, DJ Kiran Kamath) to give their version to his songs.

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In an exclusive interview with Himesh Reshammiya, when we asked him what does the term ‘Mausiiquii’ mean, he added, “It’s of the ways you can express love. While I quite like the term ‘Aap’ as it’s pleasant and full of respect and I believe there should be respect in love. I love this track as it’s full of emotions and the video also compliments it. It’s a slow and soothing song which will touch the soul.”

As there are four DJs who will be giving their version to his songs in the album, we asked Himesh what made him unite DJs for the album, to which he added, “There are few songs which are peppy as well and there is one more pop and rock version to it for which I have roped in DJ Chetas, DJ Aqeel, DJ Akbar Sami and DJ Kiran Kamath. All the four remixes are wonderful. I'm excited that these artistes have worked on my title track. This song is a dedication to all the DJs of the world from a musician who loves and respects the DJ culture.”

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As the era of singles and album has subsided over the years, ask Himesh if he plans to revive the same and he smiles, “Yes, I am planning to do so and talks are on. I will be collaborating soon with a media conglomerate for the same.”

Here’s wishing Himesh all the very best for his future endeavours!

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