Honey Singh: People nowadays get offended too quickly

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Mumbai, March 27 (IANS) Pop star-composer Yo Yo Honey Singh says staying away from the industry for two to three years never made him nervous about losing it.

Asked about the fear of someone taking their place, he said: “I don’t want to outdo anyone’s thought, but staying away from the industry for two-three years never made me nervous or fear of losing it. The time, I was away from 2017 till now, I composed 60 songs.”

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“And I never felt out of the scene, because people were still grooving to my songs and loving my work. I am in the hearts and DNA of my audience, and no one changes that,” he added.

The singer has been vocal about his struggles with bipolar disorder and alcoholism.

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“I never let negativity reach me or any other aspect of my life, may it be songs, personal life or health. Talking about my health was a way of keeping my larger family and fans informed on my phase of life. I have written songs on my experience; they are more serious and philosophical. I will release the songs to tell my story to people,” he said.

Talking about his journey as a person, the singer said: “Early years of my career, I stretched and exerted myself extensively and I knew it would eventually affect my health. I have changed myself and my routine completely. Akshay (Kumar) sir is a huge inspiration for me. I wake up early, I give myself time to do my tasks and not rush myself into it.”

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Recollecting his experience touring with Shah Rukh Khan in Australia, Honey Singh said: “We went on an Australia tour with Shah Rukh Khan and there were protests against me performing, saying that I promote alcohol. Shah Rukh sir stepped in and said that if I don’t come, then this tour won’t happen at all. After the show, we were partying in my room and that’s when I wrote the song – ‘Chaar bottle vodka’. We made Shah Rukh listen to the track and he asked what kind of song is this and we said,’this is about the 4 bottles of vodka that we finished last night’.”

The “Loca” hitmaker feels people now get offended easily.

“I think people nowadays get offended too quickly. As much I support the freedom of expression, I still think that you get judged on every single thing. In the past, we had songs like ‘Mehbooba mehbooba’, ‘Choli ke peeche kya hai’, ‘Chumma chumma’ and more, but they never got discussed of being morally correct or not. As an artist it becomes difficult to please the audience at large and be creative at the same time.”

The singer shared his thoughts in an episode of “By Invite Only”, which airs on zoOm.

The singer isn’t against the current remix trend, and said: “I think everyone is original. Even though they are making remix, they are all original”.

In a fun quickie session, Honey Singh said: “If I would be single, would take Alia Bhatt on a date with me”. When quizzed about one Bollywood actor who is overrated, Honey gave a witty response: “Himesh Reshammiya.”



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