How ‘D’ factor made Shah Rukh Khan a King?

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Shah Rukh Khan completed 23 glorious years in Bollywood yesterday. While Shah Rukh has always charmed us with his roles, persona and swaying girls’ heart, on little more digging we found that there was more to the charming star. Well, it’s the ‘D’ connection we are talking about. And no, we aren’t referring otherwise, but the superstars’ movies that started with the letter D that could have been the lucky aspect (as some films gave his career a new direction and made him the King of Bollywood). Go ahead and take a look at the 8 movies starting with the letter ‘D’ that made him Brand SRK…

DEEWANA (1992)
What more of a co-incidence do you want? SRK’s debut movie was named DEEWANA!

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DARR (1993)
DARR gave everyone the chills & SRK got the credit of being a brilliant actor.

While Shah Rukh Khan frightened us to the core in DARR, he swayed our hearts as Raj – a completely adorable lover in the iconic DDLJ. And with this there was an emergence of ‘Romantic King’ in B-town.

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SRK’s magic worked once again in DIL TOH PAGAL HAI

While SRK fell in love after flirting with the ladies in his movies, it was now time that he turns into a serious lover.

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DEVDAS (2002)
Not only did Shah Rukh turn into a serious lover, he even took a step forward & became an eternal lover in SLB’s DEVDAS.

DON (2006) & DON 2 (2011)
Shedding his romantic side, Shah Rukh Khan donned the hat of a good badass with DON & DON 2.

Seems like Shah Rukh Khan is all ready to transform his image once again with DILWALE, as he is currently working with his most adored on-screen lover Kajol, in a Rohit Shetty film. While we are expecting the ‘D’ factor to work for Shah Rukh Khan once again, what do you feel?

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