How Google could twist Shah Rukh Khan’s love story?


What do you do to find out any kind of information you need at any moment of time? Or what is the source to find any theatre or dine out restaurant close to you if get into a mood to just hang out? The only answer here for this is the search engine giant Google, which has turned God for the entire world to seek anything and everything.  

The entire world is now revolving around Google as it has emerged as a necessity and a most reliable source. As Google turned 20 yesterday, over the years the demand for it has increased fact, it has become a part of our daily routines without which we can't even spend our day or even imagine. While Google has made lives with just a click it could have been way easier if it was introduced earlier, especially our Bollywood heroes (Romeos).

For instance imagine what if Google existed even prior to 20 years at the time when our Bollywood heroes (Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and others) used to crazily seek their ladylove or had to struggle about finding the whereabouts of  their girlfriends in the movies like DIL TOH PAGAL HAI, KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, DARR,  DIL SE, SIRF TUM, CHALTE CHALTE, etc that released way back when Google didn't exist and our heroes had to run from stem to stern. So here's taking a look at the movies where life could have been easier for our charming actors if Google had been there.

Shah Rukh Khan who played Rahul in the film was seen as a dancer and had his own dance troupe. Karisma Kapoor who plays Nisha is a part of his group but later she gets injured. Rahul now has to find a replacement for his play so after a long search Rahul comes across Nisha ( Madhuri Dixit) a well-trained dancer and locks her up for the role. In this situation to avoid a long search, Google could have helped him to find out a dancer (and so his dream lady Maaya) soon by justing posting an ad or just searching for results. 

Daughter Anjali was very close to father Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan) in the film. The daughter-father were so connected that Rahul was against sending his daughter to the summer camp but anyhow Anjali escaped and elopes with granny without informing her father. As soon as Rahul comes to know about it, he packs his bag and leaves immediately for the summer camp. He had to take help of different transportation to reach the final destination. His burden could have lessen if Google Maps existed then. But no worries now things have turned up and are way easier. 
A typical love story between a middle-class boy and a rich girl. Shah Rukh who plays Raj falls in love with filthy rich, upclass designer Priya (Rani Mukerji) at first sight. But to express his love for her he had no source to find her out. He spent almost 15 days seeking help from the general public, neighbours and more. In fact he ended up singing songs in every nook and corner of the city. Finally, he spots her in a traffic and meets her. With the help of Google, he could have found her out on internet anyhow and could have reduced his pressure. We never know he could even lose her if his search would have extended. The song Gumshuda from the film had become famous at that time. 

The King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan played an obsessive lover Rahul in this Yash Chopra film and became a heartthrob. His obsession for K..K..Kiran played by Juhi Chawla became famous. He stalks her everywhere she goes, always keeps an eye on her life, traces her phone calls. But the poor lover is outwitted by another hero Sunny Deol who plays Juhi's fiance and then-husband in the film. Rahul is fooled by Kiran's hubby about their honeymoon destination. Helpless Rahul sought Kiran from pillar to post for Kiran but he couldn't find her. Though with his trick and tactics he reaches to the couple's real honeymoon destination, we wonder had Google been there he could easily trace her location and did not have the hassle to find her out.
This is yet another film where SRK's character falls head over heels in love with Manisha Koirala's character who is a terrorist. He crazily searches for her but can't track her. Google would have made our lover boy's life much easier to reach the love of his life. 

Sanjay Kapoor and Priya Gill starrer film is one of the best love stories which was presented in a unique way. The blind love between these lovebirds was the most highlighting point. Deepak and Aarti come across grief situations as they take a long time to get in touch with each other. By exchanging a few love letters, they just fall in love with each other without sharing their photos. A great love story with thorns over their way. Google Mail could have helped them to communicate easily and meet as early as possible but a love story cant be heart throbbing unless it has struggled. 
This film still rules the heart as it features Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai together in the incredible love story. In the beginning, Salman comes all the way to India from Italy to learn singing from Aishwarya's father. For a person, every new country is a foreign place and it becomes difficult to cope up. Similarly, Salman faces a bit tough situation to find out the exact destination as he lands up in a desert where there is no shelter far away. With help of Google he could have easily found a transportation nearby or through the help of maps, he could reach earlier and safely. 

Well, this is just an imagination but thanks to Google for changing the situations now for making our lives more easier and on turning a year older we wish Google a very happy birthday. 


(with inputs and edited by Rachana Sheth) 



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