How Prithviraj Kapoor conveyed his emotional gratitude to filmmaker Kedar Sharma on deathbed!

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Film director Kedar Sharma holds a place of great pride in Indian Cinema because he is one of the pioneers of Indian Cinema. He has to his credit the distinction of introducing many great talented artists like Raj Kapoor, Madhubala, Mala Sinha, etc. to Bollywood.

Kedar Sharma had great reverence for legendary actor Prithiviraj Kapoor as he was instrumental in shaping up Sharma’s career in Bollywood. Later it was Kedar Sharma who delivered many hit films for Prithiviraj Kapoor and also trained Raj Kapoor, son of Prithiviraj Kapoor, under his assistance. Thus, the duo shared an emotional bond.

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In the 60s Kedar Sharma directed the film CHETAK produced by Children Film Society of India (CFSI), which till date is regarded as the most popular film of CFSI.

The key role of Maharana Pratap was played by Prithiviraj Kapoor. In the climax, when Maharana Pratap’s loyal horse Chetak dies, Prithviraj Kapoor insisted to have an emotional dialogue in order to give a dramatic effect, but Sharma thought otherwise. He felt instead, a silent emotional scene will have a great impact and hence, asked Prithiviraj Kapoor to just place his cheeks on the horse’s cheeks and shed tears.

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As expected the scene became a great success as it conveyed the emotions more authentically. The audience connected with the scene and were seen weeping in the cinema halls.

Years later Prithviraj Kapoor was on his deathbed battling with throat cancer in the hospital due to which Kapoor had lost his voice.

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When Kedar Sharma visited him in the hospital there was obliviously no communication. When Sharma was about to leave Prithviraj wanted to express his gratitude but being mute he asked Sharma with sign language to place his cheeks on his cheeks.

Sharma understood as he recalled the scene from CHETAK as tear rolled down his eyes!

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