Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How Satish Kaushik celebrated his 64th birthday amid lockdown

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New Delhi, April 13 (IANS) As the world is staying indoors due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, veteran Bollywood actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik is more than happy to celebrate his 64th birthday at home among his near and dear ones.

The actor says his seven-year-old daughter Vanshika has planned a special surprise in the evening.

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“This is a really special birthday, because I get to spend it entirely with my family at home. My daughter, Vanshika, gifted me a lollipop, which she made herself by using many chocolates. She kept her room locked for the last two days, so I’m sure she has been whipping up something creative for me,” Satish told IANS.

He said he would know what the surprise is by evening.

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“I’ll know that by evening and I’m really excited about it. Just being home gives so much joy, and that makes this day even more special for me,” he said.

How has he been keeping himself busy in lockdown?

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“The only thing that’s good about this lockdown phase is that I’m getting to stay home. I haven’t spent so much time at home during my entire career. Now I get to see how the household is managed. I get to spend so much time with my wife and daughter. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything,” he said.

Satish says he socialises with his friends Anupam Kher and Anil Kapoor via video calls.

“I often indulge in video calls with my besties Anupam Kher and Anil Kapoor. I’ve also been helping my daughter with studies and I enjoy playing with her. Of late, I’ve learnt how one can walk and do proper exercise and yoga even at home. I’ve been watching a lot of movies and epic mythological stories like ‘Ramayan’ and ‘Mahabharata’.”

He has been exploring his creative sides even more now.

“I’m glad that I didn’t allow my creative faculties to rest. I narrated and put together a poem, which was penned by Rashmi Virag, which went viral on digital platforms. So I’m glad I’ve got to explore different facets of my personality. This time has also been great for penning new content and ideas and deciding the way forward,” he said.



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