How Sidharth disturbed his granny by playing cricket

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As the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fever has sports aficionados in its grip, actor Sidharth Malhotra had a personal anecdote to share from his childhood — recalling how he used to disturb his grandmother's sleep by playing cricket at his home.

"There was a driveway and garden space in my house, and my cousins lived close-by. We used to play cricket in the afternoons, the garage door was our wicket.

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"The ball used to keep hitting the door and making loud noises. My poor grandmom used to always get disturbed and couldn't get her noon naps. Playing cricket has always been fun," Sidharth said while promoting his upcoming film "Jabariya Jodi" on Star Sports Philips Hue Cricket Live.

As the Indian cricket team is playing against Bangladesh on Tuesday, Sidharth is rooting for them, and says it becomes more fun watching a match when the family sits together and watches the game.

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"The entire nation is crazy about the sport, especially the World Cup. The energy that is seen when the entire family comes together to watch an India match is found nowhere else," he added.

Sidharth was present with his co-star Parineeti Chopra, read a statement.

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The actress also spoke about her love for cricket.

She said: "Like any other Indian, I am a cricket watcher. I don't have too much knowledge on the technicalities of the game, but I love watching India play. There's no India match in the World Cup that I have missed.

"Last week, India-Pakistan match was going on, I called Sidharth for some work – before he said 'hello' he asked if I was watching the match or not. He said, 'Quickly tell me, I can't miss this'."

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