Teachers Day: How Super 30 taught us the value of a “Teacher”

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One of the most handsome man of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan for the very first time went de-glam for the role of a profound teacher in his movie Super 30. The movie revolves on the life and struggles of Mr. Anand Kumar, who was the pioneer of Super 30.

Right from the release of its first poster to the latest song Dance No Basanti,  the film has already caught the audiences' attention.

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One important lesson that we can learn from this movie is that a 'TEACHER' is the most valuable person that a person can have in your life. 

One of the most revered Gods of Hindu, Lord Krishna said that after a mother and a father, the most important person is a teacher. The teacher is someone who is meant to impart knowledge and hold your hands to make you go ahead in life.

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Even in the movie Super 30 we see that inspite of receiving a lavish lifestyle, Hrithik opts to live out and teach the underprivileged students and make them the right citizens that they ought to be.

A teacher's happiness lies in the success of their students. As per reports, The success rate of the children trained under Mr. Kumar turned out high where almost 27 out of 30 students in the year 2018 passed out and secured a position in the IIT.

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The above example, shows that a teacher can surely enlighten a student's life and what can a student give in return?

It's simple. A day to remember the teacher where we see him not as a teacher but a second parent to us.

On this day one of the most renowned teachers was born and he is none other than Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was a teacher but also the second President to the largest democracy of the world India.

On this day we remember him and many other teachers who have lived their life only to enlighten the students and make them a prosperous citizens the world.

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