Hrithik Roshan makes an emotional appeal

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Bollywood Greek God in looks Hrithik Roshan who has proved his 'KAABILIYAT’ (read mettle) as a terrific actor in KAABIL has made an emotional appeal.

With an aim to do his bit for specially-abled, Hrithik Roshan has appealed multiplex chains to improve infrastructure to provide easy access to specially-abled people, saying he is ready to help.

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Hrithik shares, “Through my film’s characters, I have acquired a deeper understanding of especially abled people’s lives and the challenges they face. One thing that has been playing on my mind is the need for our public places to be easily accessible to these people.

It is a larger thought, but it is surprising that it hasn’t happened yet even with over 20 million specially-abled people in India.

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Coming from the film fraternity, I would like to appeal to the multiplex chains to take [specially-abled people into consideration and work towards appropriate infrastructure.

Infrastructure with which they [the specially-abled] will not be deprived of the big-screen experience of a film, and won't have to think twice before stepping out for something as small as watching a movie.'

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