Hrithik Roshan takes his KAABIL character too seriously!

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Seems like Hrithik Roshan is making the extra efforts to make sure his movie KAABIL goes recognized.

The actor, who plays a visually-challenged man, pushed his limits for this role and has gone that extra mile to get into the skin of his character.

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Not only did he roam around blind folded, but also spent hours interacting with visually impaired people in order to thoroughly understand how they live their lives.

“When you shut your eyes and start absorbing the world around you, you realize how your other senses are enhanced to another level. Now, if you blindfold me, I can walk around my house in complete darkness.

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Initially, I'd bump into things, but now, I can find my way smoothly. I know exactly where everything is placed, including the books on the shelves,” said the actor.

Surely hope all the efforts Hrithik has put in, does prove fruitful.

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