Huma Qureshi: Anurag Kashyap sees for performance not looks

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Huma Qureshi, who makes her debut with Anurag Kashyap’s much touted film GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, thought she can never become an actress as she was slightly overweight all her life. So when Anurag offered her GANGS OF WASSEYPUR she hardly believed it.

Says Huma, ”Right from my school days I was obese. I always had an image of fat girl about myself. So, while doing an Ad with him when Anurag asked me about films I was just wondering whether he is pulling my leg. As I always had a perception that you don’t get films so easily. I used to think one has to struggle and slog a lot to get here.”


Huma also reveals that Anurag is among those breed of filmmakers for whom looks or weight hardly matters. Anuarg believes in performance. And that’s how he selects his actors.

”Anuarg is among those new trend of filmmakers who is not really bothered or obsessed about weight or looks. He is more concerned whether you can emote, whether you can perform through your eyes and body language, whether you can convince and move the audience. And I too personally believe that. You don’t have to be size zero to prove the audience to connect with you. All it matters is audience come and enjoy the movie,” reveals Huma


Huma is paired opposite Nawazuddin Shaikh in GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, who is shorter and thin than her. However, there have been no questions on this unusual pair. ”I have never got feedback that I am plump or fat. I am paired opposite a man much shorter and tiny than me in the film. Nawaz is thin and tiny. In fact he is size zero. It’s very brave on Anurag’s part to cast an unusual pair,” Huma says

Nevertheless, Huma is even ready to shed those extra kilos if required for any character.

Huma says, ”It’s not about gaining or losing your weight…For a character, if my director wants to look me in a particular way then why not? As an actor you have to learn to modify yourself.”

Ask Huma about donning a bikini or doing steamy scenes in the films and she says, ”No one has offered me Bikini role or a steamy scene yet. But I don’t want to say yes or no because these things are very subjective. If you trust your director that he will shoot aesthetically or they won’t misplace the trust which you have placed in them then it’s fine.”


Huma is also enjoying all the attention she is getting for her debut film, which went to Cannes. ”I am just enjoying all the attention that I am getting right now. This is the only time when you get too play Cinderella (Smiles). It feels special being in the limelight.”

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR is made in two parts. Huma has a major role in the second part. Huma reveals, ‘I’ just get introduced in the first part. I have a major role to play in second part. Part 2 is more of my story.”

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR is all set to hit the screens on 22nd June 2012.

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