Huma Qureshi: When I am really upset, I cry in front of the mirror

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Despite having all the riches, comforts and happiness of the world, despite being a star and enjoying all the attention around, every person goes through ups and downs, everyone faces highs and lows, encounters mixed bag of emotions, and everyone has to deal with favourable and unfavourable situations. And Huma Qureshi is no exception. Recently, we caught up with the actress in a quick chat and discovered the other side of Huma: Here are the excerpts:


Are you a revengeful person? Do you anywhere wish for bad things to happen to others who have not been good to you?
I am not revengeful. I forgive but I don’t forget.

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How do you deal with stress and anger
I do deep breathing and count backwards to control.
Who do you confide in when you are totally lost or messed up?
When I am really upset, I go to the bathroom and look at the mirror and cry. Somehow, I find watching myself cry very ridiculous. You find your face so ridiculous that you will stop crying. It’s the best fix to stop crying.
Do you feel sympathetic about yourself?
No I feel ridiculous thinking what am I doing? I am looking so funny. I then burst out laughing. I question myself that why am I doing this? Why am I wasting my time crying?

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So you are not very emotional kind of a person?
I am too emotional sometimes in my own good. I am sensitive, spontaneous, and I react but I very quickly come out of it thinking it’s of no use. I am emotional to people who really matter to me. I am friendly person but I have very few friends.

Who’s your 4 a.m. buddy from and outside the industry?
Nobody from the industry because everyone is so busy with their respective lives and it’s a place where everyone’s watching out for each other. I have lot of friends outside the industry, the people I have grown up with. My brother, family, friends are my biggest support.   

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One example you want to share that having positive outlook changed your life?
I think positivity attracts positivity. My whole life is an example. I have no reason to be an actress and stay in Mumbai. I have no reason to what I do. My father is a kebab seller. He is a restaurant owner in Delhi. I shall have got into family business, gotten married or gone abroad for studies. Aisa nahi hai ki maine koi mahaan kaam kiya hai but the fact of the matter is you keep working with positive outlook. Of course I faced rejections but you have to keep going.

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One point when you almost wanted to give up
It happens many a times. Every time my film releases I feel I want to go back home (laughs out loud). I can’t deal with that stress. But it’s just momentary. So the very next minute I am back to being normal.  

What do you do to keep your mind stable and free it from negative thoughts?
I drink lot of water. I am a happy person, I watch movies. I do stupid things, I go for drive. My friends keep me grounded, they pull my leg. They send me my pictures, my news clips saying what rubbish I said. So, it helps keep me a check on myself. Every time I start thinking that I have done something cool, they pull me down. They keep troubling. They do silly things and like that they keep me really happy. Because it’s such a comparative field, as an actor sometime you feel very lonely. At that time it’s very important to reconnect with people. They are my biggest re-energizers and stabilizers.

Have you been through heartbreaks? If yes, what you could learn from it?
Of course I have been through my share of heartbreaks. I think heartbreaks are very important as they make you much stronger. It’s very important to be in love. Being in love is the most beautiful thing.

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