Humour : Presenting a poetry in honour of Salman Khan’s ‘Selfish’, enjoy!!


Salman Khan has turned a lyricist with the song ‘Selfish’ for his upcoming film RACE 3. By the way, writing is in Salman Khan’s blood as his father Salim is a legendary screen writer. Sung by Atif Aslam and actress Iulia Vantur, ‘Selfish’ composed by Vishal Mishra is no way an ordinary song. The song is a motivation and inspiration that echoes the ethos of the popular dance show ABCD (Anybody Can Dance) with ‘Selfish’ I can easily say ACW (Anybody Can Write). Motivated by ‘Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan’s ‘Selfish’, I inaugurate my poetry ki dukaan in honour of the unbeatable Salman Khan.

Mulahiza farmaye (May I Please draw your attention)

After the belt now you make the pen move on its own


Bhai, there is no threat to your throne

Damn the world who talks of art, cinema and creativity dying its death alone

Boss, you will always have figures to be shown


There may be no flair of writings or any poetic glory in your ‘Selfish’ story

But bro, you remain the darling of crores of choras and choris

Who never mind enjoying the chutney without phullori (pakodas)


And make you walk with all the milk in your katori

Bhai, you are phenomena

Always made a comeback in light, dark and rain

And tested millions of intellectuals brain

While your lovers feel no pain

The rest of the world keeps debating on your controversies and fight to figure out who to blame

They troll you for your ‘Selfish’ mottos

But you continue to walk on the hall of fame

There is no ‘Race’ in your case

Be it Race 3, 4 or 5

You will be remain an example of unabashed stardom till Bollywood is alive

(Disclaimer : Please make note – the writer has taken utmost care to ensure that feelings of Salman Khan fans are not hurt while writing this poetry. The above write up is the observation of the author and is presented in a light hearted manner, the website doesn,t hold any responsibility)