Humour: Salman Khan to star in the modern remake of SABSE BADA RUPAIYA


“Logon ka paise par se vishwas bana rahe, hamari movie ka yehi maqsad hai” (the only aim of our movie is to restore faith on the power of money amongst people) says producer director Mani Kapoor who is set to remake the modern version of the 1976 social drama SABSE BADA RUPAIYA that starred Vinod Mehra and Mehmood. Superstar Salman Khan will star in the new age version. Here are the excerpts from the exclusive conversation held between the producer Mani Kapoor and brother of the nation our dear bhai aka Salman Khan.

Swagat hai tumhara bhai (a hearty welcome to you brother) exclaims blockbuster filmmaker Mani Kapoor as superstar Salman Khan enters into the spacious drawing room of the producer bungalow.

Kaho kaise yaad kiya (tell me , why you called) probes the actor in his trade mark poker tone.


Mani Kapoor : Bhai, I hope you didn’t have any problems in jail

Salman Khan: Nahi, I am used to this jailgiri.. bro.. I am chulbul pandey the famous cop on screen, it was like a routine for me, I immediately got into the skin and fulfilled the ‘commitment’ and made the prisoners feel at ease you know. I am glad that my presence brought smiles to their faces and made them happy. Who clicks selfies in jail normally?..In fact I have increased my fan base now.. my forthcoming flick will be a bigger hit.

Mani Kapoor : Kudos to you bhai, you are a living legend. It’s incredible to find that how remarkably you have restored the faith on humanity and money at one go.


Salman Khan (surprised): Is that so.

Mani Kapoor : yo.. oh ho.. I mean yes brother you did it.

Salman Khan : Kindly explain.


Mani Kapoor: Bhai, you are not just a note chapne ki dukan ( a money printing machine) you are a rare unique combo of the raw material, machine and the end product all in one. Your bail from the recent blackbuck case has restored faith in money amongst people and I would love to announce the remake of the movie SABSE BADA RUPAIYA starring you. We are using the title and the element of money in this modern remake, it will have an altogether new story and it will feature you in a never before seen avatar.

Salman khan (smiles): Never before seen avatar.. baat dil pe toh aa gayi. .. par dimage mein nahi

Mani Kapoor: This will be in the lines of a biopic on the superstar Salman Khan with some rare real life footages starring the superstar Salman Khan himself. The title is deliberately kept as a gimmick, trust me, SABSE BADA RUPAIYA will be a unique adage on the power of money and stardom that will have deep layers commenting on the class divide, poverty and immaturity of people and media in understanding the difference between a celebrity and an individual plus it will have shades of a psychological thriller as well.

Salman khan : Biopic mein psychological thriller.. people will go mad.

Mani Kapoor: That’s the twist, people will go mad, I mean crazy for you like never before, hear me out please.

Salman Khan : Shoot.

ManI Kapoor: As I said it will star the superstar Salman Khan as Salman Khan, it will begin with that faithful day you went for hunting during the shooting of HUM SATH SAATH HAI.. truth should come out brother..

Salman Khan : What the hell, I will shoot you and surrender myself in jail. To hell with everyone, I have had enough of this, I can,t handle it anymore…. I am a human being..

Mani Kapoor : Exactly!! As the truth will come out, the movie will reveal the reason on how the incident haunted you and gave you sleepless nights and you decided to do something for the underprivileged and launched Being Human. Today Being Human earns in cores and it is for the welfare of the society. SABSE BADA RUPAIYA is a statement that our aim is to remove poverty and not poor people. Poverty has to be removed from the society to bring equality, aaj Rupaiya sabse bada hai, itna bada ki log kanoon bhi kharid lete hai par kal nahi rahega kal insaniyat badi hogi ( today the power of money is ultimate, it can even buy the judiciary but it won,t remain in future, tomorrow people will understand humanity and good deeds if their stomachs are filled and they get a proper sleep and shelter). People will understand the value of money and faith on rupaiya will be ‘coined’ for good.. bhai it’s a proven fact that Blackbuck are severely affected by natural calamities such as floods and droughts and are getting reduced, you may be on the wrong side due to ignorance but the nation is ignoring the bigger picture over here. If resources were adequate, floods and droughts could have been controlled and the community of blackbucks would not be on the decreasing side.. so who is killing those Blackbucks.. ? Lack of care and resources and resources come from money bole toh Rupaiya so.. SABSE BADA RUPAIYA..

Salman Khan ( gets up and after completing his famous ‘Dabangg’ jig reframes this famous dialogue from KICK): Wah Sir!! Pehle Controversy Salman Khan ke peche, ab Salman khan controversy ke peeche – will be too much fun.. we should do this.. zindagi ka kya bharosa.. kab kisko kaha maut aa jaye.. soote, jagte, chalet phirte.. (life has no guarantee, it can come anytime to anyone and anywhere)

(Disclaimer: The above write up is a figment of imagination of the author, the website doesn't hold any responsibility)