Taapsee Pannu shares her beauty secrets


Actress Taapsee Pannu is not a make-up junkie. She believes in respecting her body and swears by good skin. She gets candid about her beauty and fitness essentials.

Q) What's your beauty secret?
A: Hydration!

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Q) What is your beauty regime?
A: It is quite simple but detailed, involving cleansing, moisturising and hydrating. I respect my body and my skin. So I remove my make-up at the end of my day, and I keep smiling, always.

Q) What do you do to detox your skin after wearing make-up for longer hours?
A: Being in the entertainment industry, we tend to go with a lot of make-up under harsh lighting for long hours. I make sure to use a water-based make-up remover and I follow a detailed skincare regime. I cleanse, tone and moisturise on a regular basis, and as I said, I keep myself hydrated.

Q) The five make-up essentials in your bag.
A: I don't wear a lot of make-up regularly. I wear it only while I am on the sets or doing promotions. Kajal, mascara, my lip colour for the day and face wipes are usually a must. I also love lip balms and always have one with me.


Q) Three make-up hacks you swear by?
A: Having a good skin is more than enough for me. I usually apply some kajal, lipstick and mascara before stepping out of the house.

Q) One essential you can't leave home without?
A: A nice, neutral lip colour.

Q) What kind of make-up do you prefer?
A: One that says less is more.


Q) Your fitness regime?
A: I play squash for an hour and I do weights for muscle toning.

Q) Your fitness travel essentials?
A: I always have my workout gear on me.

Q) Is being fit more important than being thin?
A: Fitness is a way of life more than anything, it keeps you fresh and energised. Everybody should indulge in an activity that not only keeps them fit but also makes them happy. [By Puja Gupta]



Taapsee Pannu shares her beauty secrets 2

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