Ileana D’Cruz: Ranbir has completely outdone himself

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While BARFI! seems like a fun journey for her (something that she calls as nothing less than a roller coaster ride), Bollywood debutant Ileana D’Cruz admits that after working in the film, even in reality she is looking at life very differently.

download BARFI! wallpaper
download BARFI! wallpaper

She says, “The movie isn’t pretentious but in its own subtle way it enables you to think. I think people would relate a lot more through my character. Of course Ranbir has completely outdone himself while Priyanka is simply fantastic. Anurag (Basu) has made a fantastic film and that would show.”

With barely two days remaining for the film’s release, Ileana is now curious to check out what audience has to say about her and the film.

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“Oh yes definitely,” she smiles, “Actually it is beyond curiosity now and I have actually become very anxious now. The film is very unconventional and different. Moreover it is my debut in Bollywood and even though I have been doing films down South for six years, this is for the first time that I am enacting a character like this. The amount of detailing that Anurag has given to the film is phenomenal while the research put by him is unbelievable. It has been a long journey doing this film and a huge learning experience. I knew that Anurag is amazing but never knew he is so good.”

Guess it’s time for audience now to say the same as well once BARFI! hits the screens this Friday.

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