Imran Khan: I didn’t like Aamir when I was young

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Today Bollywood actor & bhanja Imran Khan may be a great admirer of mamu Aamir Khan and his work and the duo must be sharing a great bond. But, to one’s surprise, there was a time when Aamir’s beloved bhanja hated him. And reason being Aamir’s notorious ways to bully his nephew Imran Khan.


Recently at the housewarming party, Imran confided few anecdotes of his life. ”When I was young I didn’t like him (Aamir) at all. He used to bully me and keep irritating me a lot. Baat baat pe mere baal kaat dete the (He used to lop off my hair every now and then). He always thought that he was great hair stylish and kept chopping my hair. I think, I only started liking him when I was 12 or 13 years old,” he said.

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Even Aamir, who was present at the bash, admitted about his impish behaviour and joked about it.

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