Indian stars connect with Singapore artistes for virtual chat

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Mumbai, Nov 16 (IANS) Indian stars, including Zoya Akhtar, Ranveer Brar and Prateek Kuhad, will be connecting with stars from Singapore to discuss creativity across various art forms through a new series.

The four-part web series “My Singapore Connect” brings together talents from India and Singapore, and comes with the tagline: “Where Passions Meet”.

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Each episode will feature an Indian artist in a conversation with their Singaporean counterpart.

There’s chef Ranveer Brar with Chef Bjorn Shen, MasterChef Singapore judge, coming together to share their culinary pursuits, and passion for food. Then there is filmmaker Zoya Akhtar uniting with award-winning Singapore film director Boo Junfeng.

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“The appetite for cinema is fast continuing to evolve, with audiences across the globe having access to content like never before! Cinema as an art form has been transcending geographical barriers for decades now but technology has enabled it to reach everyone. My association with ‘My Singapore Connect’ is a true reflection of that evolution,” Zoya said, adding: “I am so excited to catch up with Boo Junfeng and see the world through his films, his eyes as he takes me through some of the most iconic locations in Singapore.”

Talking about the show, Boo Junfeng said: “Cinema has always held sway over the Indian audiences and even here, in Singapore we have seen how popular Indian movies can be. I am very fond of Zoya Akhtar’s film, ‘Gully Boy’, and it’s a privilege for me to share screen space with her in a video where we talk about our shared passion for filmmaking. In addition to this, I shall be taking Zoya through the vivid cultural scenes of Singapore and rediscovering the source of ideas for our favourite art form.”

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Ranveer also shared: “I have fond memories of my last few visits to Singapore and exploring its diverse culture and cuisine, especially, street food. I am super excited to team up with Chef Bjorn Shen, with whom I discovered a lot of common ground, not just food, but life and business too!”

Giving a musical touch to the series, there will be Singapore’s home-grown DJ and music producer Manfred Lim (Myrne) and Indian singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad. Comedian Varun Thakur and female stand-up comedian artist from Singapore Sharul Channa will talk about their upcoming gigs.

Prateek is “looking forward to chatting with Myrne to understand and learn more about Singapore, its music and the food surprises they have to offer”

To this, DJ Myrne added: “Singapore has a growing and diverse music scene, while India is well known for its rich legacy in music. I hope Prateek and I will be able to jam together someday in person representing the best of both countries.”

Sharul Channa shared: “The world has seen some really grey days over the past few months and I think we all collectively value the power of a good laugh now. I’ve always had great fun when I’ve visited and performed with an Indian audience and I’m thrilled to collaborate with Varun Thakur for ‘My Singapore Connect’. I’m sure we both have some interesting anecdotes to share and this will translate into a friendly banter.”

The series is a result of partnership between the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and BookMyShow (BMS).

“India and Singapore share many cultural similarities and we want to use this opportunity to further highlight and strengthen the emotional connect between both countries. We are delighted to bring together these virtual experiences and continue reaching out to people of common passions,” said G B Srithar from STB.

“My Singapore Connect” will be released on the streaming platform BookMyShow Online, on November 28, November 29, December 5 and December 6.



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