INKAAR is not preachy, says Chitrangada Singh

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INKAAR has been widely publicised as a film about sexual harassment.

Since this is a sensitive topic, one is inclined to ask the film’s leading lady Chitrangada Singh that how has she gone ahead and made sure that INKAAR delivers what one expects from it.

view INKAAR stills
view INKAAR stills

”For starters, there is definitely nothing preaching at all as we are not saying that sexual harassment is this or that. We are not being judgmental at all. It is about people being caught in a certain situation and how they deal with it. Yes, of course, everything that you see in the film is happening around the sexual harassment theme for sure,” she says.

It wasn’t easy getting the characterisation bang on from the very start though.

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She continues, ”The story is about these two people who love each other passionately and then hate as well with an equal measure. The woman is pushed to the corner and she has to find her way out. This is how it turns out to be an overtly complicated situation.”

We would love to see how the drama unfolds when the film releases all over on 18th January.

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