INKAAR sets Arjun thinking

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INKAAR has released and the film has worked for Arjun Rampal in ways more than one. While professionally he is seeing some of the best reviews coming his way in a decade long career, personally too this Sudhir Mishra directed affair has helped him look at things a lot differently.

view INKAAR poster
view INKAAR poster

At the top of his list is the way there is an entire distinction drawn between a man and a woman, regardless of any profession, be it that of the world of films or the corporate world.

Says Arjun, “Believe me, a woman can multi task but a man can’t. Right now when I am talking to you, I can’t do anything else but if it was a woman of the house, she could well have been cooking as well. I am telling you tales from not any remote corner of our country but everywhere, including the metros that we live.”

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He goes on to add, “When a man is born, he is told that as someone responsible for the running of the house, you have to take care of all the responsibilities. On the other hand a woman is told that ‘beta study kar lo, career or baaki baatein baad mein dekh lena. Usse pehle shaadi hogi, then you would have kids, you would make sure that your husband’s tiffin is packed and after all of this if that leaves you time then please go ahead and have a career. That’s unfair. You and I know about that. However it is about time that we start doing something about that as well.”

Guess INKAAR has turned out to be one step in that direction for Arjun.

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