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Iranian Band withdraws plagiarism case against Pritam

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It’s almost two months since the ‘Pyaar ki Pungi’ number from AGENT VINOD was first introduced to the world. Even today, the song is playing on everyone’s playlist and is topping the charts, all thanks to Pritam’s quirky music! However, it may be recalled that Iranian band Barobax had accused Pritam of plagiarism, while the composer stayed calm and confident that he would emerge unscathed by this accusation.

True to Pritam’s belief, Barobax has apologized to him for levelling plagiarism charges against “Pungi”.

Iranian Band withdraws case against Pritam

A statement issued by the band says, “We decided to withdraw the case filed against Mr. Pritam and others for the copying of a song of Barobax – an Iranian band. After looking into the defences of Mr. Pritam and the analysis made by various experts, we have realised that Mr. Pritam is right and there is no copying of our song and so we understood that we cannot build a good case. We do not want to get into any further legal issue and so we are withdrawing the case as we know that Mr. Pritam’s lawyer is an expert in copyright laws and there will be strong criminal action otherwise made out against us. We sincerely apologise to Mr. Pritam for all such and withdraw all our allegations made by us against him.”

Now that the legal battle is over, and Pritam, with complete dignity, has been freed of the accusation of plagiarism, we cannot help but say, “All’s well that ends well.”

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