Irresistible Ranveer Singh gets ‘scent-sationally’ hot!

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Oh goodness, the irresistible Ranveer Singh is now getting too hot to handle and we can smell it.. scent-sational indeed.

The B-town high energy enthusiastic charmer has just created ripples with his latest post in social media revealing that he is all set to do something scent-sational in the fragrance zone.

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In the post the actor confirmed that his face will be featured on the deodorant can packaging as well!

See the picture…

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Coming from one of the top ranked cool dudes of Bollywood, we can’t help but be super excited about this news! The actor known for dynamic roles and equally edgy impulsive fashion quirks in his post also hinted that the packaging of this signature fragrance could be just as unique and wacky as him!

Hmmmmm.. Hmmmmmmm.. we all have heard about scent of a woman.. now scent of Ranveer is on your way to sway..  Behold!!

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