Irrfan on D-DAY: My roles are not black or white

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It is the lure of an original story with a calibre to strike big internationally as well that drove Irrfan to give a nod of approval to D-DAY. A film which takes a bold stand on terrorism and is a gritty take on Dawood Ibrahim and his rendezvous with RAW, D-DAY is an ensemble affair with Anil Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Rishi Kapoor in there.

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view IRRFAN KHAN picture gallery

‘Yes, we recently shot for it quite extensively,” reveals Irrfan, ‘D-DAY is set in Pakistan and I am playing a guy who could be from that country. There are many layers to this guy though. See, most of the films which I do are the ones where my role is not black or white. I know that can also become a cliched thing for me if I do grey roles all the time. However the fact of the matter is that definitions are changing for the characters you play on screen these days. Even in mainstream cinema, you can’t say that black is black and white is white.’

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In fact he goes slightly off tangent and laments the fact around demarcation between black and white.

‘Now look at the films overall. There are some which are accepted and others which are outright rejects. In fact sometimes I feel sad for critics who are required to watch so many bad films. They complain about that. It was not the case when I was a kid. There was nothing like good v/s bad when it came to films; I liked everything,” remembers Irrfan.

Well, we do hope that as audience we do end up liking what you have to offer Irrfan.

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